ROHS Certification in Delhi India

ROHS Certification Cost

What is ROHS Certification in Delhi ? - Restriction of Hazardous Substance in short called as RoHS, also defined as directive 2002/95/EC, originated in a European Union that restricts the use of particular hazardous materials which are found in electronic and electric products. All the products in the market must achieve RoHS certification in Delhi in order to sell safely its products.

What is the need of ROHS certification ? - The restricted materials are very harmful to the atmosphere and pollute landfills. These are actually dangerous in terms of exposure during disposal and manufacturing. Selecting a best company that takes RoHS certification seriously is mandatory that assures you about the ISO9001 certification to the RoHS complaint manufacturing facility.

What are the benefits of ROHS certification ? - There are two important benefits of RoHS certification in Delhi that can be accrued with electronic product manufacturers, as well as for the customers:

Product Reliability: - Most of the renowned electronics manufacturers have selected RoHS. Clients are now assured to get a complete product safety. As a result, a reliability of the manufacturers and the brands also has improved dramatically. The sale and electronic component have drastically increased by this.

Reduce Instance of Heavy Metal Poisoning: - Most of the E-waste is transported to the factories. Along with the customers the workers working in the factories suffer the most when it comes to mercury and lead poisoning. RoHS certification ensures the use of lead-free components and thus reduces the number of heavy metal hazardous cases.

What is the process of ROHS certification ?

1. Documentation Review: - Determine and verify the status of the documents and its scope of testing needed. Documents like review of bills, material declaration of each product and component, assembly drawings, conformance certificates, and test reports are uploaded on the company’s network that is chosen for certification and a compliance file is built.

2. Testing: - Initial testing of the representative samples down the homogeneous material for all the six restricted substances with complete documentation review.

3. Audit : - Audit processes consist of products review in comparison to restricted substances control and complete factory inspection that includes Quality management as well. Some of the audit conducting company conducts annual follow-up that sometimes include sampling to confirm the compliance.

4. Certification Audit : - After a successful audit, a positive report is generated and RoHS certificate is issued.

Why should you choose us for your ROHS certification ? - Here is a list of certain benefits that you can avail if you opt us for your RoHS certification in Delhi:

  • We aim to build a complete technical database database that aims to fulfil RoHS directive requirements.
  • Verify that documentation and product have been independently certified and reviewed.
  • Offer the flexibility to use other client’s documentation and third party as basis for certification.
  • Reduce risk of being work overloaded.
  • Provide a competitive advantage.