Halal Certification in Delhi

Halal Certification Services in Delhi

What is HALAL certification ? - A HALAL certification is a document which guarantees about the products and services that are aimed to meet the requirements of Islamic law. Therefore, these are suitable for consumption in Western Countries and Muslim-majority countries where there are most population who practice Islamic law. HALAL certification in Delhi is a process that ensures quality and features of the product as per the rules made by the Islamic council and makes the use of mark HALAL.

What is the need of HALAL certification ? - This is mainly applied to food products and meat products. Specifically, the meat products, HALAL certification services in Delhi certifies that the animals are slaughtered in single cut, well thoroughly bled, and the meat is not been in contact with the animals that are slaughtered otherwise, especially with pork.

What are the benefits of HALAL certification ? - Getting the HALAL certification services in Delhi has various advantages and can give you an edge for a business amongst competitors. Here is a list of certain benefits of getting HALAL certification for a product or business.

  • Improve the quality of the product or food.
  • Improve the quality of the hygiene system.
  • Enhance marketability in Muslim products.
  • Use the HALAL logo.
  • Make the business marketable
  • Make the product marketable

What is the process to get HALAL certification ?

Application: - The companies who want to get HALAL certification should apply to renowned certification body. It is necessary to be aware about the requirements and make sure that they are in accordance with HALAL system requirements.

Certification: - If the audit is satisfactory and the reports given by the auditors are positive, HALAL certificate will be issued by the HALAL certification in Delhi team.

What are the types of HALAL certification ? - Based on the type of your business HALAL certification services in Delhi varies. It is not only limited to food industry, but non-alcohol beverage, raw-materials, pharma industries, herbal products, cosmetics, and daily consumable products can apply for HALAL certification.

  • Product endorsement scheme
  • Warehouse & Storage scheme
  • Abattoir & Industrial Scheme
  • Use the HALAL logo
  • Restaurant scheme
  • Catering, Beverage and Food scheme

Why should you choose us for your HALAL certification ? - We are pleased to present ourselves as a renowned HALAL certification in Delhi service body. Our team is committed to achieve best in consultation, Independent auditing, HALAL compliance certification, promoting acceptable products, and other services as per Shariah. We endeavour to make sure that the businesses derive benefits from all that which is governance and lawful to Shariah.