HACCP Certification in Delhi India

HACCP Certification Cost

What is HACCP certification ? - HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It is a certification that instantly demonstrates the customers about their commitment to produce or trade in safe food. HACCP certification in Delhi is an international standard that is build around seven basic principles.

  • Conduct Hazard Analysis
  • Determine the control points
  • Establish a critical control limits
  • Establish proper corrective actions
  • Verification system
  • Establish documentation
  • Record keeping

What is the need of HACCP certification ? - Here is a list of top five reasons why you need HACCP certification:

  • It provides a feeling of confidence for the feeling of safe production of the food.
  • It is the best way to grab and gain the best market opportunities.
  • HACCP food safety certification helps to gain the reputation of the organization.
  • With any risk management process and good quality, waste is identified and is removed from the process. It helps organizations to enjoy a benefit of improved efficiency.
  • Employees are aware of their role and are adequately trained in the food safety management system.

What are the benefits of HACCP certification ? - This evidence based approach is highly beneficial especially when you are subjected to inspection by the stakeholders or regulatory authorities. Demonstrating the commitment towards food safety by HACCP certification helps you to transform your brand. It also acts as an effective tool for making a grand entry in market and along with this it opens up the new business opportunities all over the world.

What is the process to get HACCP certification ? - To get HACCP certification in Delhi an audit or assessment is conducted related to its food safety. In order to get this assessment or audit, a competent and food safety auditor is required. The audit process will include on-site inspection and a complete review of both company record and documentation.

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