GMP Certifications in Delhi India

GMP Certification Cost

What is GAP certification ? - GAP is a voluntary audit that verifies all the vegetables and fruits are produced, handled, stored, and packed as safely as possible in order to minimize the risk of microbial safety hazards. GAP certification in Delhi verifies the adherence to all those recommendations made by food and drug instructors.

What is the need for GAP certification ? - The opportunity to be your own boss and run your own business is full of appeal. Agricultural practices are a great way to approach life on your own defined terms and make your own hours. GAP certification gives you full-fledged access in the market. If you are running a small farm then GAP certification allows you to sell the products to large scale groceries or other large scale consumer industries.

What are the benefits of GAP certification ? - It is a must required step in building your own market. This certification means you can pursue your commercial market, more sale options, and a big pool of opportunities knocking at your door. All those farm hoping industries who wish to increase their scale must get GAP certification in Delhi today.

What is the process to get GAP certification ?

  • Select the type of Audit you want.
  • Complete the request by filling the form.
  • Fax or email the details of the place where the Audit is to be done.
  • GAP certification providers will contact you and share a confirmation receipt for your request.
  • An audit is scheduled and if everything is perfect you will get GAP certification for your company.

Why should you choose us for your GAP certification ? - There are ample technical opportunities that are up-coming in order to make sure about the safety and quality of food to protect people. Thus selecting the best among them is a challenge. As a reputed GAP certification in Delhi providers, we are considered as an agency with regulatory authority for fresh vegetables and fruits and is licensed with a state department of agriculture that conducts audits.